Your business needs protected by quality insurance

Whether you've been in business for decades or are just opening your doors for the first time, it's vital to make sure your business is covered with the correct insurance plan immediately. With Smith Insurance & Investments, you'll be consulted by one of our experienced agents who will help you discover which insurance plan makes the most sense for your business size, whether a one-stop shop or a large corporation.

Insurance plans for all types of businesses

MeetingWhether you need to protect your building and property with commercial property insurance, cover your customers' with general liability insurance or prepare for an emergency with worker's compensation coverage, Smith Insurance & Investments has the correct plan for your business. 

Have a fleet of drivers on the road throughout the day? Call today to discuss various commercial auto coverage plans to keep your trucks on the road.

Keep yourself in business after an emergency

Rather than waiting until your business takes on structural damage from a terribly windy summer storm or a devastating ice storm during the winter, contact one of our experienced agents to discuss all of the different business policy coverage plans we have available to you. 

MeetingWe'll help you choose a plan that will keep your business running even if you need to close down for a portion of time due to extenuating circumstances. You'll be working with a team who are ready to tailor a plan for your business.